The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship That Nobody Mentions That Much..

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

We’ve all seen the videos, read the articles, heard the podcasts.

Seen the hype of how X person made a gazillion dollars in 8 weeks and the subsequent course that we just have to buy to make our gazillion dollars too.

Then we buy the course, study, diligently or not, make some effort or a lot and then sit back and…. Crickets.

And then if that wasn’t bad enough we look on the FB groups that we’ve joined and we see other participants rave about how they’ve made their first sale etc.

And we’re left scratching our heads, wondering where we’ve gone wrong.

And what makes it worse, is that many of us are serial offenders when it comes to this pattern.

The secret that nobody mentions is that there are 2 sides of the entrepreneurial equation.

The first side is having the necessary information.

In terms of information, we are suffering from an absolute overload in this department.

Just look at your Facebook feed or the Youtube ads that keep popping and you know that we are

presented with a multitude of options to get the information we need.

Information is definitely not the problem.

The other side is where there doesn’t seem to be that much help.

The side that is often neglected.

The dark side.

This is the often neglected art of implementing and achieving the goal.

Watching a video is easy.

Implementing it can be done with a bit of diligence.

But you see, it isn’t just about implementing it.

The real secret is what do you do after you implement it.

Because the measure of success isn’t getting your first video up, or your website done or the first module of your course completed.

The measure is how much closer are you to the target that you set.

So for example, if you’re target was to sell $10,000 of a product or a service per month.

You followed the course and then implemented it.

Well done.

Did you make one sale?


Then now you have to tweak and implement again.

Did you make a sale?


Tweak and implement again.

Made your first sale?


Well done!

Now what did you do to make that first sale,where did you go, what marketing channel did you use?


Repeat that again and again.

Until you make the next sale.

And so on.

What I have just mentioned here is what many entrepreneurs fail to do.

They stop at the first implementation.

But it’s not about that.

It’s about learning and implementing and learning and implementing and getting closer to your goal.

This is all on the implementation side of entrepreneurship and not on the information side.

And there’s a whole series of concepts for navigating the implementation side of entrepreneurship.

Which frankly many entrepreneurs are oblivious to.

There are many more elements to the implementation culture that help to smooth the path, get to the goal quicker and often differentiate between the success stories and the failures.

I hope this serves as a first step in this critical area to succeeding as an entrepreneur.

Sajid Siddiqui

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