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Sajid works tremendously hard to help aspiring entrepreneurs to really nail the basics of creating a solid cash flow. He is also great fun so his lessons are guaranteed to be inspiring, creative and fun.

Deborah Harris

Sajid is an inspirational and eye opening mentor. He has promoted his ever evolving range of skills and knowledge to all around him. Thanks to his clear simple and direct approach he has helped many achieve their goals and surpass their targets. His greatest difference to others is his unique support and empowering belief in the beginning stages and as you transcend limits that previously seemed unbreakbale that's when you realize he truly has foresight and experience that is priceless to transform you to greater heights than you could previously could only have imagined! His personality and ideas are infectious and life changing!

Ayaz Rehman

I was struggling to see one of our business from a different perspective and Sajid help us to do just that. Sometimes advice from a person not directly involved is the best, because they notice what you cannot see. We had a long chat, it was most helpful and made me realize what our priorities should be and how to work on the business in the right direction to make it a success. Thank you for your help Sajid!

Aldona Hawthorne

A real 5-star mentor. A balanced man who can extract the best qualities out of you. Thank you, Sajid for all that you help me with.

Isa Noorudeen

Sajid is great.. a very reliable and smart ninja! :) Also a GeniusU expert!!

Suraj Naik

I just joined the Community and Sajid walked me through the site to show me, different options. He also organised a short planning session and I joined. It was interesting to see another point of view, shame zoom there was a technical problem and we wasted time at the beginning as the sound did not work.

Ilaria Cella

Sajid is first of all fun to work with, his laugh will make everybody's day better. He's always eager to learn and a quick learner and patience when he's mentoring others. He's a valuable member to the GeniusU Family.

Roosmarijn Haring

great advices !! and super clear and easy to follow , thank you Sajid

Maximiliano Paradiso

It gives immense pleasure to thank Sajid for the extraordinary mentoring he gave me over the past two months. I came to him very firmly in infrared, having lost my restaurant business and fallen deeper into debt and turned to Roger Hamilton's Crystal Circle for an instant recipe to get myself out of all my problems. Fortunately Sajid was willing to take me on a once a week one-to-one session, the first task being to complete the Infrared to Red Microdegree and a budget to assess the damage I'd inflicted on myself. He later told me that he'd never encountered anyone with so much personal debt and yet still investing. Whilst I'm so grateful to be part of the Crystal Circle I do find that there's too much content and little time for Roger to deliver it individually in a meaningful fashion, and its here that Sajid positioned himself to help me analyse it and put it into practical use for myself. We were also able to work through a promotion plan. I would highly recommend Sajid if you're overwhelmed by all the Microdegrees and looking someone to make you accountable to yourself.

Robin Greatbatch

Sajid has offered events and videos to assist newcomers to understand the GeniusU platform, as well as how they can navigate their way through the wealth spectrum. He has a great understanding of how to work with people from where they are at, and he knows how to motivate and inspire them on the next step to what is possible. I'm glad to know there are people like Sajid on this fabulous platform that really love what they do and know the key to success is giving back.

DeBorah Bellony

Sajid is an awesome asset to the community! His ability to listen and ask the right questions from his helicopter point of view helped me ask myself the right questions about my business in order to give me the clarity I've been looking for in order to see the strategy I need to implement to get to the next level.

Steve Purkiss

Sajid is an inspiring mentor. Simple easy and practical. His ability to excite and engage is second to none. He's helped so many people come out of financial rock bottom and see the light!

Shakirah Rahman

Sajid is a natural when it comes to mentoring. He has a very easy going demeanour and can strike up a rapport with any individual. He has been instrumental in helping me think about my finances in a way that allows me to to take control and visualise a much improved financial position. He explains things clearly and enabled me to think positively about my finances.

Adwoa-Amina Ofori

Remarkable mentor, filled with patience & compassion. Sajid dedicated a lot of time assisting me get my finances in order leading me to move from red to yellow. Highly recommend this amazing mentor

Native Sun

Sajid is one of the top ranked mentors on GeniusU and for good reason. He has helped hundreds of mentors to really see the best way to leverage the way they use geniusU and he has helped hundreds more members to really use GeniusU effectively. His webinars are really informative and his circles very active.

Michelle Clarke

I have just had an awesome session with Sajid. It was not only full with value, but I also get crystal clear on how to prepare my first promotion for this quarter as well as very clear on what I should focus on and what I don't need right now in my business. I am really looking forward to be working with him in the future.

Didi Dimitrova

Thank you to Sajid who reached out to support me to get the best out of GeniusU and to help me find ways to get more clarity and direction as I came to a fork in the road in my business. He is genuine, has a great sense of fun and knows how to compassionately keep you on track.

Liz Hughes

Sajid found me here, connected with me an gave me good advise how to proceed. So first of all finish the Worldgame and then go for the Microdegrees how to change from Red to Orange. My own picture is now much clearer. Thank you Sajid

Armin H. Müller

Sajid was ever so helpful (in his supporter role) in showing me how to actually complete my EMC ! He was good humoured throughout and welcomed my curiosity with enthusiasm. He is on a mission to help us to understand how to get the best out of this geniusu platform.

Eileen Forrestal

Many thanks for your initiative. I responded because I received an automated email. Please encourage HQ to do the same. I have previously made this point to Penny. No alert, no participation.

Richard Winfield

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